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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Customizable, sustainable, architectural wall solution: DIRTT

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At RJE Business Interiors, we're proud to be Indiana’s only authorized DIRTT dealer.

If your workspace needs to be flexible, these beautiful architectural walls may be a great fit for your company. RJE Business Interiors has partnered with DIRTT Environmental Solutions. Their movable wall solutions empower a business owner and its staff to make changes as needed while being so visually appealing it inspires clients and visitors. There are many great things about DIRTT wall solutions, but here are a few to mention:
  • Unlimited design choices 
  • Easily compare prices to conventional options
  • Flexible arrangement (for your functional needs)
  • Reconfigure without restraints.
  • Integrate your unique technology needs

 See it to believe it--
The DIRTT website also offers very nice photo gallery for each main style of wall.

DIRTT architectural wall solutions take away the boundaries. Sure, you’ve still got visible walls – but they’re beautifully tailored to your needs. And you lose all the other limits.

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Get Started!
If you are interested in a DIRTT product and design/service team to help you build your workspace, contact RJE Business Interiors located in Indianapolis, IN. Annie Caruso is our DIRTT sales representative and you can call her directly. She will be happy to go over the details with you and determine a great business furniture solution with movable walls.

Annie Caruso

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