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Friday, April 13, 2012

RJE Showroom Czar

RJE promotes Logan Walker to the position of “Showroom Czar”. She was sworn into office on Thursday, April 12 with these promises

• I promise to remain ethical/business like/professional
• I promise to hold all accountable on showroom protocol
• I promise to be fanatical and fearless
• I promise to uphold the high standards of RJE/Knoll
• I promise to be firm and hold everyone to the standard
• I promise to keep RJE/Knoll from having showroom "broken windows"
• I promise to defend and honor who we are and what we stand for
• I will hold ownership/management to supporting me in this cause
• This I promise so help me - me

Logan started out as a college intern in our design department, going full time in May 2011 as a designer.

Please welcome Logan to RJE’s newest position.

Some see a wall National Exhibit sees a blank canvas

Where there’s a wall, there’s a way with Exhibit.

Every building has walls and sometimes what to do with them may be a tough decision. Say hello to Exhibit. It removes barriers and transforms the walls into purposeful design elements offering a variety of solutions for all workplace, collaborative and social environments.

No matter your budget or space, Exhibit offers the flexibility to accommodate with stylish, functional furnishings from simple to the more sophisticated tastes. Revitalize existing offices, spaces and stand alone furnishings with Exhibit’s components for a refresh look. Smart accessories and a spectrum of available fabrics transform walls into the perfect design accents or focal points bestowing that final touch of satisfaction.

Enhancing spaces by evolving the way you look at walls, Nationals Exhibit does more with less.

Stop by RJE at 621 East Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN one of our sales associates will be glad to help enhance your space by evolving the way you look at walls.