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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

M.A.D.E. update

As a culmination of this year’s MADE (Mentoring a Designer to Evolve) workshops Knoll and RJE Indy hosted four Indianapolis designers for the day in New York City.   The designers that won the trip were Karisa Voreis – HKS Maregatti, Amanda Gebhart – CSO, Asia Smith-Bey – A2S04 and Erin Sanford – Mitsch Design.

We started our trip at Knoll’s New York showroom.  As we arrived we were lucky enough to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise as it sailed over the Hudson River on its final flight before it becomes a museum piece.

We spent the rest of the morning in the showroom discussing trends, seeing products and touching and feeling the latest Knoll Textile introductions. 

After our showroom visit in the morning we ventured out to a Food Tour of the Central Village for the afternoon.  We capped off the day with a couple drinks and then everyone went on their merry way.

When you are in the RJE showroom stop and ask Theresa or Nancy about their experience with the MADE workshop, I am sure they would love to share their stories.

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