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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RJE sponsors Adult Swim at the Children's Museum

RJE was one of the proud sponsors of the inaugural Adult Swim at the Children's Museum Saturday, February 23, 2013. RJE's space was in the "Hot Wheels For Real" exhibit and guests were able to customize their own classic car. After designing and packaging their Hot Wheels Car creation, guests were invited to sit in a piece of RJE's classic furniture to get their picture taken.  It was a fun way for guests to connect with their inner child again!

Standing left to right, Lilly McNeal, Megan Hochstetler, Casey Thomas and Sheryl  Hudson. Sitting in the classic Knoll Womb Chair is Michelle Thompson.

Proceeds from the event will fund innovative arts and educational programs that serve children and schools across Indiana. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RJE implements new Project Management computerized program

After months of preparation, RJE is finally transitioning to a new project management computerized program.

For 2 months a small group of super (awesome, I might add) users from multiple departments met once a week to work through our current work process and how it would be integrated into the new project management program.
The super user group consisted of Michelle Hazel (Sales Assistant), Nancy McMichael (Accounting), John Merritt (Operations), Lynne Raines (Sales Assistant), and myself Andrea Badger (Design).

While I championed the project of integrating our current processes into the new program, I definitely did not do it alone.  As a group, we spent hours asking each other questions, playing devil's advocates, practicing on dummy projects and revising, revising, revising the process.  After the process integration was complete, I spent 2 days educating the rest of our RJE Indy team on the new process and program.
Each department willingly learned the new process and has been adding it into their daily routine.
There have been a few speed bumps, but overall the transition  has gone well.

It has been a lot of work for everyone, but we are proud to finally say that the new program is implemented and being used! Hooray!

Author: Andrea Badger/Design

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knoll Celebrates 75 Years of Iconic Design

Modern Always: Knoll Celebrates 75 Years of Iconic Design for the Home and Office!

To celebrate 75 years of design, Knoll is launching Modern Always, as integrated communications campaign that embodies the essence of Knoll design innovation and celebrates the Knoll brand - past, present and future.

Throughout this year, Knoll will be bringing its story of modern design to life by launching the Modern Always campaign across six social platforms identified by the searchable hashtag #modernalways.  Knoll fans will have multiple ways to engage with the Modern Always campaign, which will include 75 "modern always" moments from Knoll's history.

Follow the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest using the hashtag #modernalways.

Twitter - @Knoll_Inc

Facebook - KnollInc

YouTube - KnollDesign

Instagram - KnollInc

Pinterest - KnollDesign

Tumblr - Knoll Quotes

Author: Tanya Woodward/Knoll Assoicate

Monday, February 11, 2013

Solutions Showcase and Exposition

On January 22, RJE was able to check out the latest and greatest in technology when we attended the technology fair "Solutions Showcase and Exposition" hosted by one of our partners, Sensory Technologies.  While there, vendors were able to share the most up and coming technology news and spark ideas on how customers can take advantage of these advancements in the industry.  There were many items that wowed our crew, and here are a couple we wanted to share.

  • PASS THE PUCK! (Formally called Barco-Share).  This system allows users to collaborate, share, and present whatever is on their computer screen with an entire room and you don't need to be hooked up to a conference table.  This allows our customers to use any space in their office that is near a TV or monitor to share info - no special conference table connections or hard wiring necessary.  You literally plug in a hand held remote device call "The Puck" to your computer or laptop, and up it goes onto the main screen.  Share away!  And when someone else in the group is ready to share...just pass the puck to them! And it comes with a "coffee cup-esque" carrying case for all your "Pucks."

  • IT'S A WRAP! It's not necessarily hip to be square!  We saw bendable, plyable, ultra-thin electronic signs that can come in any shape and size - use your imagination!  Make 6' tall electronic signs in the shape of your company logo or letters, or wrap columns with it.  They like to call it "Interior Tech-orating!"

For a more in depth look at how you can become more tech-savvy in your work place, contact RJE and we will be glad to share more of what we experienced.

Author: Michelle Thompson/Sales Associate

Monday, February 4, 2013

IU students experience next "Generation"

Beth Ford, RJE Business Interiors and Tanya Woodward, Knoll participated in an IU Interiors Design class reviewing new trends and research in Ergonomics. We at RJE and Knoll feel so lucky to have the opportunity to interface with the next generation's workforce.  Sharing with them our experience and knowledge to further their future careers!

As best stated from Tom Mitchell, Ph.D. and Associate Professor:
"It is very valuable for our students to learn about how the contract furniture industry works, who the key players are, what the iconic pieces are--and that the reps provide a wealth of information and research to help designers do their work.

In particular, having two chairs produced following different concepts, such as the Generation and the RPM, to study illuminates for the students the relationship between design and ergonomics and so fosters a user-centered focus on the part of the students.

Those of us in Indiana University's Interior Design Program value our ongoing relationship with companies such as Knoll and RJE Business Interiors--our facilities and students experience have been enhanced through this interaction."

Author: Beth Ford/Sales Associate