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Monday, February 4, 2013

IU students experience next "Generation"

Beth Ford, RJE Business Interiors and Tanya Woodward, Knoll participated in an IU Interiors Design class reviewing new trends and research in Ergonomics. We at RJE and Knoll feel so lucky to have the opportunity to interface with the next generation's workforce.  Sharing with them our experience and knowledge to further their future careers!

As best stated from Tom Mitchell, Ph.D. and Associate Professor:
"It is very valuable for our students to learn about how the contract furniture industry works, who the key players are, what the iconic pieces are--and that the reps provide a wealth of information and research to help designers do their work.

In particular, having two chairs produced following different concepts, such as the Generation and the RPM, to study illuminates for the students the relationship between design and ergonomics and so fosters a user-centered focus on the part of the students.

Those of us in Indiana University's Interior Design Program value our ongoing relationship with companies such as Knoll and RJE Business Interiors--our facilities and students experience have been enhanced through this interaction."

Author: Beth Ford/Sales Associate

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