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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RJE implements new Project Management computerized program

After months of preparation, RJE is finally transitioning to a new project management computerized program.

For 2 months a small group of super (awesome, I might add) users from multiple departments met once a week to work through our current work process and how it would be integrated into the new project management program.
The super user group consisted of Michelle Hazel (Sales Assistant), Nancy McMichael (Accounting), John Merritt (Operations), Lynne Raines (Sales Assistant), and myself Andrea Badger (Design).

While I championed the project of integrating our current processes into the new program, I definitely did not do it alone.  As a group, we spent hours asking each other questions, playing devil's advocates, practicing on dummy projects and revising, revising, revising the process.  After the process integration was complete, I spent 2 days educating the rest of our RJE Indy team on the new process and program.
Each department willingly learned the new process and has been adding it into their daily routine.
There have been a few speed bumps, but overall the transition  has gone well.

It has been a lot of work for everyone, but we are proud to finally say that the new program is implemented and being used! Hooray!

Author: Andrea Badger/Design

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