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Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 IDEA Award Winners

Sustainable Design
Winner: CSO Architects - Purdue University Marriott Hall (Designers: Steve Risting, Dawn TerHorst, Kate Cox)
Runner Up: Schmidt Associates - Ball State Studebaker East Residence Hall (Designers: Laura Hardin, Ron Fisher, Kevin Shelley)

Economical Design
Winner: CSO Architects - CSO Architects Corporate Headquarters (Designers: Alan Tucker, Jennifer King, Amanda Gebhart)
Runner Up: Schott Design - Kronos Indianapolis Technology (Designer: Melissa Brewer)

Healthcare/Assisted Living
Winner: HKS - IU Health Saxony (Designers: Jamie Raymond, Jennifer Worley, Becky Bauner)
Runner Up: Carson Design Associates - St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Patient Rooms (Designers: Stacy Kennelly, Jenna Lewis)

Winner: McGee Designhouse - Purdue University Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics (Designers: Melinda McGee, Mark Beebe)
Runner Up: ArcDesign - Hazel Dell Christian Church Children's Ministry and Expansion (Designers: ArcDesign Team)

Winner: Fanning/Howey Associates - Colonel Smith Middle School (Designers: Carla Remenschneider, Stephanie Baker, Chuck Tyler)
Runner Up: CSO Architects - Clark Pleasant Middle School (Designers: John Rigsbee, Jim Funk, Dawn TerHorst)

Winner: Rowland Design - Private Residence in the Midwest (Designers: Bob Frist, Deb Rosen)
Runner Up: Lehner Designs - Cullin Residence (Designers: Gerard Lehner, Lynsey Gregg, Pat Jacobs)

Winner: Axis Architecture and Interiors - M28 Eli Lilly & Company (Designers: Michelle Wise, Ashely Lee, Chris Hagan)
Runner Up: CSO Architects - Notre Dame Office of Public Affairs and Communication (Designers: Dan Moriarity, Eric Knott, Brandon Farley)

Winner: Phanomen Design - Trilogy Salon (Designers: Loree Everette, Hessam Ebrahimi)
Runner Up: Architects Forum - Sensu Restaurant and Nightclub (Designers: Michelle Nuckols, Tom Jolly)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hon Flock Collaborative Solutions

Where people migrate

Everyone feels the need to get up and move during the day, and Flock supports that need for spontaneity and interaction by enabling greater productivity throughout an entire environment.  Flock's collection of tables, seating, ottomans and lighting are modular elements that help people connect virtually anywhere. Even the smallest settings can be designed to give users a place to get away from their workstation and get the job done stylishly and comfortably.  Flock's focused family of products is designed to work together to turn any space into a social, collaborative area.

Welcome Areas - The solutions you've been waiting for

Collaborative Hubs - Plan for spontaneity

Community Areas - Build your own social network

Nooks - Big thinking for small spaces

Stop by the RJE showroom and check out the lastest Hon Collaborative Solutions for your workspace.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RJE Participates in United Way ReadUP Program

Chances are that some point early in your childhood, you had someone that read with you or to you. The United Way recognized a need for this within IPS six years ago and started a program called ReadUP.  Local business employees and volunteers spend one hour per week tutoring 3rd and 4th graders at various IPS schools with one of the goals to improve reading skills and comprehension.  The ultimate goal is to help students pass ISTEP in March.  RJE employees have been participating in the ReadUP program since its inception six years ago at IPS #56, Francis Parker Montessori.  It's been an amazing and rewarding experience for all of the RJE employees to see their students blossom into stronger readers.  If you haven't thought about donating time to the local schools with the ReadUP program, consider it, it's a wonderful way to give back in an impactful way to the community.

Author: Jason Beehler, Sales Associate

Jason Beehler helping tutor a student at IPS School 56

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RJE attend's ISA Tradeshow

Annie Caruso and Michelle Thompson from RJE attended the 2013 Indianapolis Subcontractor's Association (ISA) Tradeshow on February 21.  Over 1000 leaders from the construction industry were there to tour member booths, mingle during designated networking sessions, and enjoy both a lunch and awards dinner in the evening.

Guest speakers during the luncheon were Dr. Greg Sipes and CJ McClanahan who discussed the most valuable asset that any company has - human capital.  They discussed topics pertinent to the furniture and design  industry such as how different generations in the workforce impact company culture and productivity, and how we can leverage and learn from each other's differences.

The awards banquet MC was five time Emmy winner newscaster Angela Buckman.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What do you get when you combine designers, furniture guru's, paint and wine? A great time!

On March 7, RJE and Knoll hosted a Wine and Canvas night for Carson Design at the Wine and Canvas Studio in Keystone.  A VERY patient instructor led the way at the front of the room, while her 13 students attempted to follow along while jamming and singing to assorted tunes from the 60's to the 2010!  In the end, each  masterpiece was a different variation from the rest - as individual as each of the painters.  Truly a fun night of camaraderie between colleagues...and not one artist lost an ear!

From left to right, Theresa Dury-RJE, Michelle Thompson-RJE, Tanya Woodward-Knoll, Nancy Wright-Knoll, Tracy Holt-Knoll, Kristin Mount-Carson, McKenzie Swihart-Carson, Liz Ford-Carson, Jason Bohac-Carson. Center, Kelly Lea-Carson and Brittany Murphy-Carson. Front, Josh Mercer-Knoll.