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Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 IDEA Award Winners

Sustainable Design
Winner: CSO Architects - Purdue University Marriott Hall (Designers: Steve Risting, Dawn TerHorst, Kate Cox)
Runner Up: Schmidt Associates - Ball State Studebaker East Residence Hall (Designers: Laura Hardin, Ron Fisher, Kevin Shelley)

Economical Design
Winner: CSO Architects - CSO Architects Corporate Headquarters (Designers: Alan Tucker, Jennifer King, Amanda Gebhart)
Runner Up: Schott Design - Kronos Indianapolis Technology (Designer: Melissa Brewer)

Healthcare/Assisted Living
Winner: HKS - IU Health Saxony (Designers: Jamie Raymond, Jennifer Worley, Becky Bauner)
Runner Up: Carson Design Associates - St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Patient Rooms (Designers: Stacy Kennelly, Jenna Lewis)

Winner: McGee Designhouse - Purdue University Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics (Designers: Melinda McGee, Mark Beebe)
Runner Up: ArcDesign - Hazel Dell Christian Church Children's Ministry and Expansion (Designers: ArcDesign Team)

Winner: Fanning/Howey Associates - Colonel Smith Middle School (Designers: Carla Remenschneider, Stephanie Baker, Chuck Tyler)
Runner Up: CSO Architects - Clark Pleasant Middle School (Designers: John Rigsbee, Jim Funk, Dawn TerHorst)

Winner: Rowland Design - Private Residence in the Midwest (Designers: Bob Frist, Deb Rosen)
Runner Up: Lehner Designs - Cullin Residence (Designers: Gerard Lehner, Lynsey Gregg, Pat Jacobs)

Winner: Axis Architecture and Interiors - M28 Eli Lilly & Company (Designers: Michelle Wise, Ashely Lee, Chris Hagan)
Runner Up: CSO Architects - Notre Dame Office of Public Affairs and Communication (Designers: Dan Moriarity, Eric Knott, Brandon Farley)

Winner: Phanomen Design - Trilogy Salon (Designers: Loree Everette, Hessam Ebrahimi)
Runner Up: Architects Forum - Sensu Restaurant and Nightclub (Designers: Michelle Nuckols, Tom Jolly)

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