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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hon Flock Collaborative Solutions

Where people migrate

Everyone feels the need to get up and move during the day, and Flock supports that need for spontaneity and interaction by enabling greater productivity throughout an entire environment.  Flock's collection of tables, seating, ottomans and lighting are modular elements that help people connect virtually anywhere. Even the smallest settings can be designed to give users a place to get away from their workstation and get the job done stylishly and comfortably.  Flock's focused family of products is designed to work together to turn any space into a social, collaborative area.

Welcome Areas - The solutions you've been waiting for

Collaborative Hubs - Plan for spontaneity

Community Areas - Build your own social network

Nooks - Big thinking for small spaces

Stop by the RJE showroom and check out the lastest Hon Collaborative Solutions for your workspace.

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