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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spirit of Philanthropy at IUPUI

RJE is one of the proud recipients of IUPUI's Spirit of Philanthropy award for 2013.

Spirit of Philanthropy Award 2013
University Library
CSO Architects
HKS Maregatti Interiors
Rowland Design
RJE Business Interiors

Since 2004 IUPUI has worked with four leading design firms to create learning environments that foster student success.  2012 marked the opening of Learning Spaces III, an innovative library space for individual and collaborative study. The University Library is grateful for the design leadership of the learning spaces partners.  With over 50 years in the design business, CSO Architects takes pride in providing world-class quality, service, and innovation with total design to enhance the human experience through innovation, creativity, and vision.  The firm designs settings to live, learn, heal, work, and play.  Rowland Design is an award-winning studio of architects and graphic and interior designers united by the goal of enhancing the lives of its clients.  A long-time supporter of the IUPUI campus, RJE Business Interiors is an Indianapolis-based contract furniture dealership with a commitment to community involvement.
(Caption from the 2013 Spirit of Philanthropy booklet)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Indy's newest HOT SPOT--- The Alexander Hotel

On Thursday, April 11, 2013 a few of the RJE employees joined Sam Julka with DORIS on a tour of the new Alexander Hotel in downtown Indianapolis.  This was an exciting opportunity, not only because the hotel is brand new, but also because it's the newest hot spot (even for locals).

We were lucky enough to get a tour from Becca Manolov from Buckingham Companies.  She has had a hand on the development of this project since it's conceptualization a couple of years ago.  She gave us some great insight on what went into the planning and realization of this property.

We were instantly intrigued by the collection of artwork displayed strategically throughout the space.  It was later revealed that 12 pieces were created for the hotel by artists.  Everything felt so customized. From the lighting, to the sculptures to the paintings and murals, we could tell that every last detail was thought of.  There were lounge areas, restaurants, bars and even 'pop up stores' for people on-the-go who were attending conferences.  The Alexander did an outstanding job of incorporating elements from Indianapolis into the design, including the old railroad ties (so cool!).  We think our city will be really well represented to anyone who visits and stays at this hotel.

Becca Manolov took us to see one of the rooms on the top floors of the hotel. The views were awesome. She explained the future construction that would take place across the street - and it's even going to have a YMCA. The room looked like it belonged in a magazine! Although the bathroom looked so clean and simple, they had a lot of complaints about its functionality.  When they designed the space, they were aiming for a European feel, which looks cool and is fun to talk about - but when it came down to actually using the facilities, it wasn't convenient at all for a busy traveler.  So at the end of the day, this aspect of the hotel wasn't designed with its audience in mind, but rather for the aesthetic appeal.  We can't really blame them though!

Perhaps changing things from their classical interpretation doesn't really solve any problems, but causes them instead.  Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason.

After the tour, we couldn't help but think about this discussion - and how it relates to what we do every day at work.  Knoll Studio is known for their classic pieces of furniture.  Why re-invent everything to be so modern and new, when these incredible chairs were created by celebrated architects and designers from around the world?  "Life changes, but quality endures".

Overall, this was an incredible experience, and we would love to go back and learn more about this development. The space is intriguing and encourages conversations about the city.  We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Author: Lilly McNeal, Designer

Monday, April 8, 2013

You Can't Know Enough People

Denny Sponsel, President and Owner of RJE Business Interiors shares with Gerry Dick of Inside Indiana Business, "You Can't Know Enough People".  Denny is often asked by 20-somethings for ideas and tips that will help them advance their careers.  My advice is to network. It's that simple I stress to students that even in today's age of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, business is done based on real-life relationships. This is my "Lucky 7 List" that helped me get connected...

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Now Showing 2013 Annual United Way Meeting

Another year has gone by and it is time for United Way of Central Indiana to celebrate their annual campaign.  On Thursday, April 2 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom United Way and over 800 supporters shared in excitement over a record breaking campaign year. RJE showed their support for United Way and the community by one again sponsoring a Leadership Table at the big event.  United Way is an organization that is near and dear to Denny Sponsel as well as ALL RJE employees.

Here is a list of boards, awards and events that RJE continues to be a part of;

2013-13 Board of Directors - Denny Sponsel and Shelly Langona
Resource Development Committee - Shelly Langona
ReadUP Tutoring Partner
United Way Oscar Experience
Communications Partners
"Company that Cares" Award Winner
2009 Spirit United Award Winner
Emerging Leaders Steering Committee - Shelly Langona (chair)

Congratulations to United Way for another great year serving the people of Central Indiana.