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Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIRTT trip to Calgary

Last week our DIRTT Champion Stacy Frank hosted architects and designers from GBBN on a factory tour of the DIRTT facilities in Calgary, Canada. The trip was spent seeing, exploring and learning about the DIRTT solution, sustainability, manufacturing, along with much, much more!
Some of the things the group learned included:
  • We are Doing It Right This Time, because last time with conventional construction, the computer power didn't exist to go from design, to real-time 3D, to specifications, to the production floor. Last time environmental sustainability wasn’t tied to the bottom line. Last time there was no such thing as being able to affordably manufacture individualized spaces. This time, DIRTT is giving clients and the interior construction industry a new way to Build better. This time we are doing it right.
  • DIRTT interiors are suitable for commercial offices, schools, hospitality, retail, and most areas of healthcare
  • Custom prefab means DIRTT clients can choose a new or existing space, large or small, in the best location for their own clients and employees – no matter the base building itself. DIRTT ensures the technology, aesthetics, agility, comfort and function of the 21st century is on the inside, where it counts.

If you are interested more in DIRTT and the numerous possibilities that it can offer, please contact Stacy Frank at sfrank@rjecincy.com or 513.641.3700

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cincy's First Truck Has Arrived!

It was a good Friday at the Cincinnati office. Our brand new 24' box truck got delivered and new signage and branding items were installed at our warehouse facility. We are super excited to be growing this part of our business and have more great things on the horizon as well. Be on the lookout for our shiny new truck rolling around the streets of Cincinnati!

If you have any project needs, furniture, moving or warehousing, please contact 513.641.3700 for more information

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cincy Showroom Update

The Cincy showroom is in full swing construction mode! Because of the luxury apartments that are going seven floors above us and construction projects on the main building level that our showroom is located on, we have decided to go through a face lift ourselves! We are in the process of knocking down walls, ripping up carpet and re-creating our space. Check out some of the progress that we have been made lately. Stay tuned for more updates as we dive deeper into the renovation!
Please pardon our appearance during the transformation
Where some of our new DIRTT walls will be going
Cleaning out the old library to move into the new library space
Sneak peak at our new finish palette 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Workplace Trend: Height Adjustable Tables

Freestanding height-adjustable tables play an increasingly important role in contemporary office planning, offering flexibility, user control and ergonomic performance.
Continued studies prove that height-adjustable tables have a positive impact not only on an individual's health and well-being, but on companies as a whole, who are seeing an increase in morale and decrease in employee absenteeism. Knoll does an excellent job at exploring this concept more in one of their white papers here.  
We have a few height adjustable table in our showroom and will actually be implementing more height adjustable tables in our new showroom re-design (spoiler!) that is about to start. The table makes an immediate impact on our worker's health and is a great showcase piece to our perspective clients looking to make strides in their own workplaces.
Since height adjustable tables are a growing trend in the workplace, here are 3 tips to help set up an ergonomic station with a height adjustable table:
  1. Your table height or input devices should be just below elbow height when sitting or standing
  2. Monitors should be at eye level and an arm's length away 
  3. While standing, distribute your weight evenly
For more information, to see a sample and to explore this new way of working more, please contact our showroom! We'd be happy to assist you!


 623 Broadway Cincinnati, OH 45202 513.641.3700

Friday, October 10, 2014

RJE Cincy Keep Cincinnati Beautiful Volunteer Saturday

On October 4th, the Cincinnati team partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to spruce up Pam's Garden!
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) is an organization that has been improving the Cincinnati landscape for over 30 years. KCB strives to provide programs that are based on changing behavior and cultivating community pride, and they rely on public and private partnerships to fuel their mission and programs. KCB focuses on providing sustainable results through grassroots initiatives and works to improve not only the environment in which we live, but the quality of our lives as well. To learn more about KCB, and to explore the great things that they are doing in Cincinnati, check out their story here. 

Pam's Garden is a special spot for KCB, as it commemorates their former Executive Director, but it is also appreciated by many people living in the downtown area and/or attending Findlay Market. Plus, beautified spots tend to have less litter which increases property values, reduces crime and blight, and improves quality of life. Check out the awesome work that we did!

 Our before and after!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Check out RJE, We are creating a sustainable future through building preservation, green architecture, and smart design

Just like many of our clients, our company is growing and evolving.  Check out Indy's new space as we expand and get a face lift.

Break room - partial wall removal


Expansion area - view from warehouse 

Expansion area - view from inside showroom 

Expansion area - dry wall going up 

Expansion area - plastic up and painting going on while we work 

Expansion area - warehouse view walls being painted 

Stay tuned as we post the progress and if you are in the downtown area, stop by RJE and check out the new space.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Why RJE Chose to Play Ball in Downtown Fort Wayne...Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick

You know the excitement that grows as your team puts together one thrilling victory after another? That's the powerful momentum I feel among my team right now.  The economy has turned and we're getting win after win thanks to key business decisions, including an expansion into Ft. Wayne. Some people may be thinking, "Why Ft. Wayne?"  It's an easy answer. Read more

If you happen to be in Northern Indiana, make it a point to stop in the showroom and say hello.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIRTT Provides Clean, Custom Interiors for Health Care

DIRTT Environmental Solutions continues to create groundbreaking interior solutions for a wide variety of health care applications.  The prefabricated interiors offer major benefits to health care facilities including cost, construction time, customization and flexibility, according to DIRTT executives.  Click here to continue reading.

The modular, prefabricated health care solutions from DIRTT Environmental Solutions
are highly customizable to fit and change with health care environments.
Learn more about our architectural wall solutions


Get Started!
If you are interested in a DIRTT product and design/service team to help you build your workspace, contact RJE Business Interiors located in Indianapolis, IN.  Ann Armstrong is our DIRTT sales representative and you can call her directly.  She will be happy to go over the details with you and determine a great business furniture solution with architectural walls.
Ann Armstrong

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2013 "HUG" Associates of the year selected

Mike Hicks, Denny Sponsel and Lynne Raines

Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell (mandatory reading for our team) guides our commercial furniture dealership in how we treat our customers, team members and those we encounter daily.

Our employees' votes have been tallied and the winners of the annual "HUG" Associate of the Year award are Mike Hick and Lynne Raines.

Congratulations to them both for exemplifying the "HUG" philosophy of professionalism, integrity and respect.  Their dedication  and respect for both their customers and co-workers make them both truly HUG-worthy.  So, if you happen to see Mike or Lynne, please congratulate them with a nice big hug (or at least at pat on the back).

Thursday, May 1, 2014

RJE New Business Card Design and Awards

RJE Business Interiors just had the privilege of receiving the 2014 GOLD ADDY award for District 6 for our innovative new business cards.  A huge thank you to the entire team at TimberDesign Co. for their creative and state-of-the-art design.   RJE was also just notified that we received an award at the National Advertising Awards for this unique business card.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Washington Collection for Knoll - Designer David Adjaye

The two cantilevered chairs - Washington Skeleton and Washington Skin -establish a play between propping and balancing, so that they are simultaneously functional and sculptural.  The chairs, with their unique leg design, are available in two materials: die-cast aluminium and reinforced nylon.  Like complementary inversions of each other, the aluminium chair is reduced to a fine geometric lattice while the nylon offers a colorful envelop to the same form.

The reinforced nylon Washington Skin Chair is available in seven UV-stable colors:
      • Lime
      • Orange
      • White
      • Yellow
      • Black
      • Grey
      • Red
The Washington Collection for Knoll reflects the KnollStudio commitment to timeless, enduring design, continuing the Knoll legacy of producing furniture to the exacting standard of the designer and affirming our unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design.

Be sure to stop by the RJE Showroom and check out the die-cast aluminium display.  See you soon!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update on RJE Ft. Wayne Office

Construction in process and heading towards a March 2014 opening date.  In the mean time if you need to see a piece of furniture, stop by RJE Indianapolis.