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Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIRTT trip to Calgary

Last week our DIRTT Champion Stacy Frank hosted architects and designers from GBBN on a factory tour of the DIRTT facilities in Calgary, Canada. The trip was spent seeing, exploring and learning about the DIRTT solution, sustainability, manufacturing, along with much, much more!
Some of the things the group learned included:
  • We are Doing It Right This Time, because last time with conventional construction, the computer power didn't exist to go from design, to real-time 3D, to specifications, to the production floor. Last time environmental sustainability wasn’t tied to the bottom line. Last time there was no such thing as being able to affordably manufacture individualized spaces. This time, DIRTT is giving clients and the interior construction industry a new way to Build better. This time we are doing it right.
  • DIRTT interiors are suitable for commercial offices, schools, hospitality, retail, and most areas of healthcare
  • Custom prefab means DIRTT clients can choose a new or existing space, large or small, in the best location for their own clients and employees – no matter the base building itself. DIRTT ensures the technology, aesthetics, agility, comfort and function of the 21st century is on the inside, where it counts.

If you are interested more in DIRTT and the numerous possibilities that it can offer, please contact Stacy Frank at sfrank@rjecincy.com or 513.641.3700

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cincy's First Truck Has Arrived!

It was a good Friday at the Cincinnati office. Our brand new 24' box truck got delivered and new signage and branding items were installed at our warehouse facility. We are super excited to be growing this part of our business and have more great things on the horizon as well. Be on the lookout for our shiny new truck rolling around the streets of Cincinnati!

If you have any project needs, furniture, moving or warehousing, please contact 513.641.3700 for more information

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cincy Showroom Update

The Cincy showroom is in full swing construction mode! Because of the luxury apartments that are going seven floors above us and construction projects on the main building level that our showroom is located on, we have decided to go through a face lift ourselves! We are in the process of knocking down walls, ripping up carpet and re-creating our space. Check out some of the progress that we have been made lately. Stay tuned for more updates as we dive deeper into the renovation!
Please pardon our appearance during the transformation
Where some of our new DIRTT walls will be going
Cleaning out the old library to move into the new library space
Sneak peak at our new finish palette