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Friday, February 13, 2015

Cincy is Moving...Into Our New Workstations!

Through the months of construction, the Cincinnati office is excited to announce that we have finally moved into our new showroom/GLC! We have made huge strides over the past few weeks and our team is now happily settled into their new workstations. We have a few teaks to button up, but everyone is super excited about our new space and the potential that it brings. Check out some sneak peeks at our new space!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIRTT GLC Progress

We have made some huge strides in the past few weeks with installing our new GLC. This is the first big project for the Cincy install team and how fitting that it would be in our own space! Our RJE DIRTT team has done such a great job, and we cannot wait for them to finish the space and show off our brand new GLC!
Bringing in the first wave of DIRTT product!

Setting the first wall

First DIRTT wall in Cincy!!!

More walls are going up

Moving right along with the progress

DIRTT millwork in our new Java Center

DIRTT millwork in our new Library space

Check out those Blue Jean inside of the frames

Sneak peak into our Healthcare room

Stay tuned for even more updates to our GLC. If you are interested in exploring more at the DIRTT solution contact our DIRTT Champion Stacy Jo Frank at 513.641.3700

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We are in LOVE....with our new floors!

Our brand new flooring from Patcraft has been installed and we are over the moon with excitement! At NeoCon, Patcraft introduced a new line of mixed materials flooring that introduced carpet and resilient flooring that were the same height. With the different materials being the same height, it allows for the materials to be mixed together, to create fun, unique patterns that once were not able to be achieved. After seeing it in the Patcraft showroom in Chicago, we just had to have it in our new space! Check out what we did. We are especially excited about how we were able to bring in the Knoll red with the RJE orange into the space, thus creating a more branding space to showcase for our clients.
Let us know what you think of our new flooring look!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year Equals New Changes!

With every new year, comes new changes and we are making quite a few here in Cincy! Our new year has started with booms, bangs, and clangs. We have been making huge strides on our new showroom/GLC space. Because of the luxury apartments that are going seven floors above us and construction projects on the main building level that our showroom is located on, we have decided to go through a face lift ourselves!
Our new demising wall is finished, our kitchen has been gutted, and the dated carpet has been torn up. Check out some of our progress photos below from the past few weeks.
Stay tuned for even more updates as we progress through the process!
Getting ready for a brand new Java Center

Our new wall is finished!

Prepping the floors

We are a little jam packed in the back of the office with all of the construction going on

More floor prep

Packed, packed, packed office

It was like Christmas all over again, when our flooring boxes arrived!
Lighting changes are happening as well