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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year Equals New Changes!

With every new year, comes new changes and we are making quite a few here in Cincy! Our new year has started with booms, bangs, and clangs. We have been making huge strides on our new showroom/GLC space. Because of the luxury apartments that are going seven floors above us and construction projects on the main building level that our showroom is located on, we have decided to go through a face lift ourselves!
Our new demising wall is finished, our kitchen has been gutted, and the dated carpet has been torn up. Check out some of our progress photos below from the past few weeks.
Stay tuned for even more updates as we progress through the process!
Getting ready for a brand new Java Center

Our new wall is finished!

Prepping the floors

We are a little jam packed in the back of the office with all of the construction going on

More floor prep

Packed, packed, packed office

It was like Christmas all over again, when our flooring boxes arrived!
Lighting changes are happening as well


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