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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Senior Designer Position at RJE Business Interiors

RJE has an opening for a Senior Designer for our Indianapolis office. As a Senior Designer, your responsibility will be to provide design and front-end project management support for large scale projects and specific high-profile customers. The senior designer will work in tandem with the sales person and may even replace the sales person in specific tasks.

Performs standard design tasks
Gathers programming information on assigned projects
Generates typicals for budgeting
Participates in product evaluation and selection
Develop furniture floorplan, specifications, and finish form for approvals
Provide installation packet
Follows spec check process
Provides collateral materials for bid or proposal responses
Assists with generation of punchlist specifications
Provides design fee options and maintains timesheets

Replace the sales person on certain predetermined tasks on a per project basis
Typical specification with client
Client presentations
Punch walk-thru
Site visits
Create project process documents including timelines, calendars, quote forms, etc.

Adheres to Design Standards and Company Policies
Follows standards established for saving and naming files, drawings, specifying, and other policies and standards
Follows company policies and procedures

Leads design department when Design Director is out of the office
Assigns new projects
Delegates tasks
Assigns work for interns

Helps mentor and train designers
Assist with spec training
Offer advice and tips on how to deal with certain design challenges

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Better than Drywall. Sustainable choices for your next office build.

It's rare to find a company as committed to sustainability as it is to creating innovative solutions and products.

But that's exactly the kind of company DIRTT Environmental Solutions is.

Sustainable practices are at the very center of everything that happens at DIRTT, from company culture to manufacturing. And they're proof that being environmentally responsible doesn't have to come at the expense of great design. DIRTT high- performance interiors are custom built, each installation both beautiful and functional. Their solutions are perfectly suited to almost any application. Clients across the world find common ground with DIRTT design in applications spanning commercial, healthcare, education, residential and beyond.

Three Pillars of Sustainability: Philosophy, Practices and Performance

At DIRTT, sustainability begins within their own walls – literally insulated with 100% recycled cotton (80% from recycled denim). By instituting programs and policies like composting, hybrid-vehicle employee incentives, fabric recycling and alternative energy utilization, they lead by example. The Pillars guide each area of their organization and ensure they remain focused and accountable.

Building with less waste has always been a challenge in construction, but for DIRTT it is critical. Every aspect of their process has been designed to minimize waste, starting with their revolutionary ICE® 3D software. ICE® offers the user a graphical, interactive experience and reduces paper waste as changes are made instantly in virtual reality! This software optimizes the use of aluminum to minimize offcuts, as much as a third to a half of other manufacturers.

DIRTT takes steps to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the construction process. Strategic placement of manufacturing facilities across North America allows them to be closer to key markets and suppliers, reducing transportation costs. Process improvement teams constantly monitor workflow and equipment to maximize efficiency.

Everything from extra cuts of fabric to sheet metal is re-purposed in some way. They donate fabric to Sewing Seeds International, a non-profit organization that teaches women in developing nations how to sew for a living. Even food waste on site is sent to a composting depot. Shavings of aluminum are collected during manufacturing and recycled.

When it comes to materials, DIRTT only uses the most environmentally friendly options. Aluminum, glass, cotton insulation, and water-based, non-toxic finishes are the basis of their installations. DIRTT recognizes that the long-time use of materials like drywall are not in the best interest of the environment – or public health. Gypsum, the main component of drywall, can be toxic to mine workers in quarries. Any scraps of drywall leftover from a construction job are sent straight to landfills, where they mix with organic materials and form hydrogen sulfide (that rotten egg smelling gas). Not only is hydrogen sulfide lethal to humans in high doses, it also contaminates water and threatens marine life. Unfortunately, this material hasn’t changed since its inception in 1916. Isn’t it time we do better?

When DIRTT came on the scene in 2005, they began paving the way for a better way of building. Their innovative approach has earned them more than 25 awards to date.

DIRTT’s suite of solutions includes walls, millwork, power, networks, ceilings, doors and flooring. Like minded in their company culture, RJE and DIRTT make the perfect team. We partnered to offer functional, environmentally responsible wall solutions for any application. Get inspired by touring hundreds of installations in the Fresh DIRTT gallery and contact us today to get started!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Do more with your office furniture budget.

An increasing number of studies have shown that modern office furniture comfort and workplace design can impact employee satisfaction. One obstacle a business may face when considering an update to office furniture, however, is the cost associated and affect on your office furniture budget. After all, you already own most (or all) of your office furniture and updating it would seemingly require a large investment that could be directed elsewhere for a greater visible effect. Luckily, an office overhaul isn't necessarily a binary, all-or-nothing decision and options do exist. Instead of diving headfirst into purchasing all brand-new products, it may be in your best interest to instead Renew some of your existing office furniture.

Your existing office furniture has good “bones” already, with an underlying structure that doesn’t need to be replaced. What your office furniture really needs is an update and revamp of the surface materials to give your furniture a fresh start! Chairs can be reupholstered, desks can be refinished with wood stains or polishes, and you can even change the color of your file cabinets to give your office a more modern look. Using Renew furniture services by RJE for your office furniture updates provides the same aesthetic options of buying new office furniture but at a significantly reduced price. Plus, when your office furniture is refurbished, it’s reinforced with strong materials and built to last even longer.

In addition, Renew furniture services by RJE provides these benefits:

Customization:  We can stretch your office furniture budget and refurbish your office furniture to suit your business and employee needs, tailoring it to your intended size and in your preferred colors. We can provide a nearly limitless number of custom options to make office furniture decisions to help your employees succeed in their endeavors. When employees have an office environment that meets their needs, they are much more likely to be productive.

Eco-friendly:  Renewing office furniture is completely sustainable, which means our state-of-the-art process produces no waste that negatively affects the environment. As a result, updating existing office furniture can help your company earn credits towards a LEED certification. Your clients and colleagues will recognize—and remember—your company’s environmental conservation.

One contact:  Renew furniture services by RJE specializes in refurbishing your existing office furniture to make life easier for your employees. Whether it is a gash in your boardroom table, a broken drawer or outdated upholstery on your office chairs, we want to make the refurbishment process easier by giving you a single person to contact for all of your needs. It couldn’t be easier! Submit an onlineservice request and someone will call you within 24 hours.

RJE Business Interiors has experienced professionals who specialize in the planning, development, management and installation of office furnishings. If your business furnishings are ready to go from drab to fab, we’d love to connect. Just complete the online service request or call 317.293.4051.

Monday, June 6, 2016

InMovement products get the office in motion.

Sitting Disease is a real thing.
While “sitting disease” sounds like something that only Homer Simpson might suffer from, medical studies have shown that it’s very real and can be caused by a prolonged period of time spent sitting in an office chair.  Research has shown that the long hours we spend sitting at our office desk has been connected to a wide range of health problems, from heart disease and diabetes to physical pain and even depression. The compounding effects of working in a sedentary environment cannot be undone through short bursts of daily exercise, and ultimately end up costing businesses an increasing amount money in healthcare expenses and productivity loss.
To combat this unhealthy trend, RJE has introduced a new series of office furniture designed to get employees to move more during the work week. Called InMovement, it is a line of office furniture featuring equipment that easily integrates healthy behavior into daily work. InMovement’s office furniture provides employees the opportunity for improved physical health, fewer aches and pains and increased energy all while allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Adam White, National Brand Manager of InMovement, states, “The workplace has forced desk-workers to operate in unhealthy conditions that immobilize us.” “You shouldn’t have to choose between earning a living and living healthy—you can do both. We’ve created products and services that re-engineer the workplace to support light movement throughout the day, which combats the harm of all-day sitting.”

Try it in our Indianapolis showroom.

When you walk into the showroom of RJE in downtown Indianapolis, one of the first things you’ll see is the InMovement TreadMill desk. It has an impressive deck with more than enough desk space to accommodate not only your laptop, but a full suite of the essentials for accomplishing your everyday tasks. It’s easily personalized to fit any height at the push of a button and it features a convenient connectivity panel that makes it easy to power your devices via USB docks plus Ethernet connectivity.  The LCD Intel display will keep track of your results, showing your walking duration, steps taken and miles walked, providing visual confirmation of the benefits of burning calories versus a sedentary day behind a desk. 
Using the InMovement TreadMill desk allows you to prioritize your health without sacrificing your work. Walking not only keeps you from being trapped in a chair all day, but it helps keep the brain active and has been linked to increased energy, productivity and overall improved mood.
If you’d like to see the InMovement Treadmill desk in action, we invite you to take a peek inside our creative, ever changing, working showroom.  We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us, today!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Office noise an issue for your staff? Consider a phone booth.

There is no doubt that the open-office concept has strong benefits for employees and companies alike. Open office concepts promote communication and idea sharing. They reduce overhead costs and help employees feel like more of a team. However, open offices can also decrease productivity and noise levels are a common complaint. Sometimes those noise distractions can increase stress, fatigue and negatively impact overall performance.

Improve office productivity and morale 

What if you could offer employees a fully enclosed, comfortable, work space that was sound proof and easily accessible from their desk whenever they needed it? Those employees could now alleviate the stresses of noise levels... take phone calls in peace... handle personal matters without taking too much time away from their jobs. Does that sound like something that would be of value in your office?

Enter: the Phone Booth by Framery. Yes, a phone booth. Trust us on this one - it's pretty amazing.

What is the Framery Phone Booth?

Dismiss any notions of phone booths that you have in mind. This phone booth is compact in size but roomy enough to be comfortable. It offers privacy and the opportunity for uninterrupted work. It comes ready to work with a table top, air ventilation system, electric socket and LED lighting. All this and the phone booth is an attractive, inviting piece of office furniture!

Since RJE installed one of these acoustic booths in our open office space, it’s been a magnet for visitors and staff alike. “It just looks so cool!” says Stacey Blanton, RJE’s Chief of Staff “You can’t help but want to try it out and when you do, you instantly realize that you now have an easily accessible quiet place when you need it.” 

Come see for yourself! We have a phone booth set up and ready for you to try out in our Cincinnati and Indianapolis offices. The booth will be making a guest appearance at our Ft. Wayne office April 10 - 15 before it returns to its standing engagement in the Indy showroom.

Why do you need a Phone Booth in your office? 

The value of a quiet space in today’s working world is a big one. Quiet space for in-depth work calls. Quiet space for personal calls. Quiet space to hammer out that last part of the project that has been nagging at your to-do list. Quiet space is valuable and desired and the O Phone Booth gives you quiet space.

Work calls: Have you ever been on a call with a client or prospective client and the background noise in your office makes it impossible to hear? Or you find it hard to concentrate on resolving a client’s issue because of the conversations your co-workers are having all around you? Instead of frantically waving your hand at people or throwing pens at them to keep it down (hey, it happens), move your call into the phone booth – a literal oasis of quiet in the middle of your office. Convenient and just what you need to get the job done.  
Personal calls: Life used to be all about the work/life balance but today we all know it’s really about work/life integration. The lines between home and office are blurred and sometimes you just have to make personal calls during the work day. A conference call with your child’s teacher. A medical call for you or your parents. Now you have a place where you can take those calls in private. Trust us, it’s far more comfortable than the hallway or your car.
Project work: Sometimes you need 30 minutes of quiet to bang out the last part of a proposal or pull together your thoughts for a new marketing plan. You might be able to use an empty office or conference room but even with the door closed, you’re likely to be interrupted by a knock or two. At first glance you might think the phone booth offers less privacy than an office with its clear glass door, however when people see that you are hard at work they are far less likely to knock and interrupt. The booth is just the right place to find your focus and finish the project. 
RJE Furniture prides itself on staying on top of the latest trends in office furniture. At last year’s Orgatec – the leading international trade fair for office and facility furniture – we first saw the acoustic phone booth and immediately realized its potential to make a simple yet powerful impact in today’s open space offices.

Framery’s Phone Booth brings the following benefits to your office:

  • Privacy: Great sound insulation so your calls are private and you can’t hear office noise
  • Great Acoustics: Echo-free acoustics inside the booth so your calls are effective and the person on the other end isn’t wondering if you’re calling from the parking garage
  • Comfortable: Well-ventilated space, because sitting in a hot, stuffy place would not help your productivity
  • Free Standing Product: Easy to move and reassemble
  • Compact Size: Easy to place – it comes with everything in one neat package
  • Equipment Included: Table top, air ventilation, electric socket and LED lighting
Download the product specifications (PDF)

In short, it’s not a phone booth so much as a private, flexible work space. The O Phone Booth gives you a flexible, stylish piece of furniture that offers an echo-free, pleasant working environment. We recommend placing one phone booth for every 15 employees in a loud office environment. If you have quiet office policy, one booth for every 25 employees will work well.

Want to learn more about getting a phone booth in your office? Let us help you look at your existing floor plan and determine the best number and placement for these phone booths.

Click here for more information.