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Friday, August 5, 2016

Do more with your office furniture budget.

An increasing number of studies have shown that modern office furniture comfort and workplace design can impact employee satisfaction. One obstacle a business may face when considering an update to office furniture, however, is the cost associated and affect on your office furniture budget. After all, you already own most (or all) of your office furniture and updating it would seemingly require a large investment that could be directed elsewhere for a greater visible effect. Luckily, an office overhaul isn't necessarily a binary, all-or-nothing decision and options do exist. Instead of diving headfirst into purchasing all brand-new products, it may be in your best interest to instead Renew some of your existing office furniture.

Your existing office furniture has good “bones” already, with an underlying structure that doesn’t need to be replaced. What your office furniture really needs is an update and revamp of the surface materials to give your furniture a fresh start! Chairs can be reupholstered, desks can be refinished with wood stains or polishes, and you can even change the color of your file cabinets to give your office a more modern look. Using Renew furniture services by RJE for your office furniture updates provides the same aesthetic options of buying new office furniture but at a significantly reduced price. Plus, when your office furniture is refurbished, it’s reinforced with strong materials and built to last even longer.

In addition, Renew furniture services by RJE provides these benefits:

Customization:  We can stretch your office furniture budget and refurbish your office furniture to suit your business and employee needs, tailoring it to your intended size and in your preferred colors. We can provide a nearly limitless number of custom options to make office furniture decisions to help your employees succeed in their endeavors. When employees have an office environment that meets their needs, they are much more likely to be productive.

Eco-friendly:  Renewing office furniture is completely sustainable, which means our state-of-the-art process produces no waste that negatively affects the environment. As a result, updating existing office furniture can help your company earn credits towards a LEED certification. Your clients and colleagues will recognize—and remember—your company’s environmental conservation.

One contact:  Renew furniture services by RJE specializes in refurbishing your existing office furniture to make life easier for your employees. Whether it is a gash in your boardroom table, a broken drawer or outdated upholstery on your office chairs, we want to make the refurbishment process easier by giving you a single person to contact for all of your needs. It couldn’t be easier! Submit an onlineservice request and someone will call you within 24 hours.

RJE Business Interiors has experienced professionals who specialize in the planning, development, management and installation of office furnishings. If your business furnishings are ready to go from drab to fab, we’d love to connect. Just complete the online service request or call 317.293.4051.