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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Senior Designer Position at RJE Business Interiors

RJE has an opening for a Senior Designer for our Indianapolis office. As a Senior Designer, your responsibility will be to provide design and front-end project management support for large scale projects and specific high-profile customers. The senior designer will work in tandem with the sales person and may even replace the sales person in specific tasks.

Performs standard design tasks
Gathers programming information on assigned projects
Generates typicals for budgeting
Participates in product evaluation and selection
Develop furniture floorplan, specifications, and finish form for approvals
Provide installation packet
Follows spec check process
Provides collateral materials for bid or proposal responses
Assists with generation of punchlist specifications
Provides design fee options and maintains timesheets

Replace the sales person on certain predetermined tasks on a per project basis
Typical specification with client
Client presentations
Punch walk-thru
Site visits
Create project process documents including timelines, calendars, quote forms, etc.

Adheres to Design Standards and Company Policies
Follows standards established for saving and naming files, drawings, specifying, and other policies and standards
Follows company policies and procedures

Leads design department when Design Director is out of the office
Assigns new projects
Delegates tasks
Assigns work for interns

Helps mentor and train designers
Assist with spec training
Offer advice and tips on how to deal with certain design challenges